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The Re-Emergence of French Gothic Decor for Porches and Fences

Upgrade Your Porch or Fence With a French Gothic Style

As autumn fades into winter, now is the perfect time to envision how you would like to upgrade your porch or fence to keep up with the times! Believe it or not, a re-emergence of french picket styles has inspired many homeowners to tackle a do-it-yourself project over a weekend to make this attractive, timeless style a reality! Learn more about this popular selection before deciding if a french gothic porch is in the cards for you and your family this holiday season. 

From an artistic perspective, this style encompasses classic features from the past, such as verticality, crossing layouts and pointed arches. Together, these highlights help to make this picket stand out from all the rest. 

The Re-Emergence of French Gothic Architecture

One might find it somewhat hard to believe that there is a serious resurgence in the popularity of French Gothic styles, but when you think about how this style developed, you can see why it tends to rise and fall in popularity from decade to decade. Technically, architecture in this design was created during the construction of churches and cathedrals, many of which still exist intact to this day. As a result, people continue to pass by such structures and be inspired by the beauty of this simple yet elegant style. Eventually, other public buildings such as residences, universities, and houses of parliament adopted the inspiration, which has decorated cities such as New Orleans, in lasting and distinctive ways. 

One advantage for homeowners is the air of expense surrounding the gothic style, as modern alternatives achieve the regal aesthetic for much less in terms of cost. Historically, only the finest private mansions would be able to afford this social status symbol, as a reflection of the prosperity of the homeowner themselves. Why not enjoy the air of high society, all from the comfort of your front porch?  

Anatomy of a Gothic Picket Fence: A Basic Homeowner’s Guide

Technically speaking, four major pieces make up any given gothic fence picket: the cap, post, picket and rail. Even though external decor and shaping may vary from fence to fence, all picket styles use the same components to enclose your yard. In terms of cost, you can typically expect to invest about $3 to $50 per linear foot. You should also take into account shipping and installation costs as these add-ons apply. As long as your lawn is relatively even and flat, you should have little difficulty managing a DIY project to get the job done. In the event you own a sloped or hilly property, you should consider enlisting the expertise of a professional to assure best results. 

Although any color is a possibility, traditionally, homeowners have painted french pickets a creamy, bold white shade to harken back to the design’s colonial roots. Today, you can invest in several different finishes on top of hues, and choose from a variety of materials including wood, vinyl or aluminum.  

Excited to Build a French Gothic Porch of Your Own? Get in Touch Today to Make Your Dream a Reality!

Regardless of the size of your property or porch, the experts at S&L Spindles have the perfect naturally resistant picket options for your home. Supplies are ideal for do-it-yourselfers on a weekend, with every product we carry available for shipment directly to your door. 

We are proud to offer three-day delivery, along with our baluster calculator which you can use to easily determine the perfect count and spacing between railing spindles.   

What are you waiting for? Be transported to a french getaway every time you step outside! Contact S&L Spindles today to learn more about our high-quality fence posts and pickets. 

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