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The Value of Wood Lattice Strips

Incorporating Historic Wood Lattice Strips Into Your Porch or Deck

Could there be a better combination than when beauty meets function? This is actually a wonderful way to think about lattice strips, which are both visually appealing while capable of serving a multitude of everyday purposes. The ornamental patterns and designs that become possible when you choose this home decor style are endless! 

Regardless of whether you opt for a more contemporary option (which tends to be more complicated and intricate), or a historically inspired X-based model, lattice work is sure to boost your home’s curb appeal. 

In this feature, we will cover some of the basics about understanding the possibilities open to you with this design, and how to be sure that your choice ultimately suits the style of the rest of your property. New and long-time homeowners alike stand to notice benefits when it comes to assessing the value of your property, as wooden lattice strips also enhance the attractiveness of your home.

The Basics of Latticework

How long did it take you to plan the design, style, and layout of your home? If you are like the average American, you probably invested time, energy, and money into making sure that the furniture, paint scheme, and decor were in sync with your personality and unique preferences. 

Why should choosing a lattice pattern be any different? Contrary to what you might believe, there are more than one or two options when it comes to selecting a latticework design

One method for guaranteeing a successful pairing is by observing how you already use the area near where you plan on installing the wood strips. If you have a small front porch, for example, with only room for a rocking chair and a few planters, you might think of maximizing your functional space by adding a climbing lattice, which you can use to hang potted plants and flowers. 

You can also invest in stand-alone latticework, which can be used to decorate a front, side or backyard to match any lattice under your deck or lining your porch. Growing saplings, tomato plants, or vines can easily be directed to where you prefer by installing additional decorative lattice strips.  

Ready for Lattice Strips to Accentuate Your Home?

Once you have decided upon a pattern that is right for your decoration and functional preferences, you should give the experts at S&L Spindles a call. Established in 1990, you can say that we know a thing or two when it comes to finding the perfect spindles or balusters for your wooden lattice strips. We aim not only to please, but to exceed your expectations with our quality-crafted products and services. In addition to short lead times and excellent customer service, you can also enjoy the authentic look and sturdiness of an Amish-owned manufacturer.

Why wait? Our skilled team is standing by and prepared to help you find the options that are perfect for you. Send us a message to get in touch or ask a question about any of our top notch services or products.

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