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Pine Shavings Animal bedding

Welcome to Heritage Pine Shavings, where we pride ourselves on offering a premium bedding solution designed for the well-being of your horses, livestock, and outdoor pets. Our carefully crafted Pine Shavings provide superior comfort and functionality with optimal absorbency for a clean and dry environment, promoting overall health and happiness.

What sets our premium Pine Shavings apart is the meticulous attention to detail, ensuring minimal dust levels for improved respiratory health. The smaller, finely processed pieces not only enhance cleanliness but also minimize waste during cleaning, making the process efficient and seamless.

At Heritage Pine Shavings, we believe in the crucial role of the right bedding for your animals’ comfort and well-being. Trust our premium Pine Shavings to deliver a reliable and superior solution, offering the perfect balance of absorbency, cleanliness, and ease of maintenance for a happy and healthy life.

Dealer Listings

Discover Heritage Pine Shavings through our trusted network of dealers. Our premium Pine Shavings, designed for the well-being of horses, livestock, and outdoor pets, are now available at select dealers near you. Browse by state below.

IN - Indiana Dealers

Dusty Road Equine, Topeka, IN,  260.350.2366

NY - New York Dealers

Church Street Supply, Panama, NY, 716.355.8867

Himrod Farm Supply Himrod, NY 315.531.9497

OH - Ohio Dealers

Hostetler Shavings, Middlefield, OH, 440.693.9926

Mohican Valley Fence, Butler, OH, 740.392.2457

PA - Pennsylvania Dealers

Amos Kauffman, Sugar Valley, PA, 570.725.2145

Beiler Wood Products, Gap, PA, 717.715.5300

County Line Woodworking, Newburg, PA, 717.423.6322

Spring Valley Stables, Fredericksburg, PA, 330.275.2875

Fisher Feeds, Montgomery, PA, 570.547.1044

Leid Shoe and Saddlery, Kutztown, PA, 610.682.0200

Hobby Ag LLC, Lykens, PA, 717.805.9815

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